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Cutting Your Bushes & Trees

Cutting Hedges & Bushes is what we do best, whether it is a reduction or remove it all.

While cutting away, I came up with this little poem, you couldn't get much better inspiration than the Derbyshire and Belper scenery.

In the garden's embrace, under skies so wide,

With chainsaw in hand, I stand with pride.

Roaring to life, its echo clear,

Cutting through the green, year by year.

Bushes quiver, trees stand tall,

To the chainsaw's song, they heed the call.

With each slice, a story told,

In the dance of the bold.

Among the buzz, a harmony found,

In the heap of leaves, upon the ground.

With every cut, a vision blooms,

In the garden's heart, where nature looms.

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